News Nepal International Rohit Chand Joins #BreakTheChain Campaign

Nepal international, Rohit Chand has joined AFC's #BreakTheChain campaign to raise awareness about COVID pandemic.

Speaking with AFC from Jakarta, Chand said, "Challenging time. Let's work together to break the chain and help stop the spread of virus. Let's wash our hands regularly and maintain social distancing.

"I request all of you to stand by our health care and medial professionals during this difficult time. Let's all do our best to ensure that our family and loved ones are healthy. You can start right now by doing our best to break the chain.

The public awareness campaign on the COVID-19 epidemic, which continues to receive overwhelming support from close to 140 players and officials, reiterates the call for unity in these unprecedented times and promotes the guidelines and best practices put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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