News Taplejung Super Cup Veterans Championship On Chaitra 23-24

On the occasion of the coming New Year 2081, Taplejung Super Cup Veteran Futsal Tournament will be held on the 23rd and 24th of Chaitra under the organization of FC Sirijanga.

The organizer informed that the age of the players participating in the competition to be held at Futsal Village located in Lalitpur-14 should be above 38 years.

The team registration for the competition has also been opened. In addition, the team registration fee is set at 7,000.

The winner of the competition will receive 1 lakh in cash along with the title, while the runner-up will receive 50,000.

Similarly, the organizers said that trophy and medals have been arranged for the third place team. Apart from that, appropriate prizes have also been arranged for the best players in the individual category.

The organizer also informed that for detailed information, you can contact the numbers 9851034382, 9818996785.

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