News Sahara UK To Donate NRs 1 Lakh To Earthquake Victim

Sahara UK is going to donate 1 lakh to the earthquake victims.

President R.L. The meeting chaired by Kusang Gurung decided to provide 1 lakh assistance to the earthquake victims of Jajarkot and Rukum West. Similarly, the organization has decided to hold a charity dinner night at the Ampere Hall Aldershot in London on 18 November.

President Gurung said that Sahara UK has continued the charity dinner night, indicating that it should be financially strengthened in programs including sports, education, health and charity support. Similarly, Mahesh Gurung, Chief Advisor of Sahara UK, who was honored on the occasion of Sahara Club Pokhara's Silver Jubilee, and Hitkaji Gurung, Advisor of Sahara UK, who was elected as NRN UK President, were honored by the organization.

Sahara Awards will be given to 2 people who have done the best work in Sahara UK during the charity night. President R. Le Gurung thanked everyone for helping to successfully complete the 2-year term of the working committee of Sahara UK. According to him, the convention will be held on December 16. For the selection of the 8th working committee, an election committee has been formed with advisor and founder FC Chairman Harikumar Shrestha as the coordinator.

The members include advisor Kamal Gurung and advisor Gyam Gurung. The observers are Founder Chairman Naveen Gurung, Past Chairman Dilip Gurung MBE, Past Chairman Meen Gurung and Past Chairman Kumar Gurung. Vice President Krishna Gurung and General Secretary Manoj Gurung welcomed the meeting.

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