News Sunsari: Chitlang FC Enters SFs Of 3rd Wai Wai Barahkshetra Gold Cup

In the electrifying contest between Brigade Boys Club and Chitlang FC at the Wai Wai 3rd Barahkshetra Goldcup, the match unfolded with notable events.

In the first half, the captain of Brigade Boys, Ranjan Pun, made a significant impact by scoring a goal. The score at halftime stood at BBC 1-0 CFC, with Brigade Boys Club in the lead.

The second half witnessed a spirited effort by Chitlang FC, with several missed opportunities. However, their determination paid off when substitute player Tapan Karki, representing Chitlang FC, netted an equalizing goal.

As the final whistle blew, the match concluded with a 1-1 draw, necessitating a penalty shootout to determine the victor.

In the nail-biting penalty shootout, Jersey number 7 Kushal Deuva of Brigade Boys Club missed his penalty, tipping the balance in favor of Chitlang FC. Chitlang FC emerged victorious with a 5-4 scoreline in the penalty shootout, securing their place in the semifinals.

Chitlang FC is now set to face Barahkshetra-11 in the upcoming semifinal clash, promising another thrilling encounter.

The standout performance of the match earned Chitlang FC's goalkeeper, Bishal Sunar, the well-deserved title of "Man of the Match.

Pic: Barah Darpan

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