News Parsa: Bijayabasti Yuwa Beats Shree Banashakti Yuwa In Thori Gold Cup

Bijayabasti FC Prevails Over Shree Bansakti Yuwa Club with a 3-2 Victory in Thori Gold Cup in Parsa District.

In a gripping match held within the Parsa District, Bijayabasti FC emerged triumphant against Shree Bansakti Yuwa Club with a final score of 3-2.

Mohit Gurung and Samir Tamang each contributed a goal for Team Banshakti, while Depesh Xetri and Abishek Rana successfully found the net for Bijayabasti FC. Additionally, an own goal added to the intrigue of the contest.

In recognition of his outstanding performance, Aashis Dura of Bijayabasti was honored as the Man of the Match in this captivating encounter.

The championship is being organized by Prativa Yuwa Club.

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