News Heart Operation Of Bimal Limbu Successful; Limbu Thanks Supporters For Saving His Life

Heart operation of Bimal Limbu, a football player from Morang, was successful.

A team of Dr. Radha Krishnan operated his heart that went for hours at Gangalal Heart Centre on Saturday.

Few hours after his operation, Limbu briefly spoke to GoalNepal.

"I feel good now. I am thankful to all supporters for saving my life", he said.

GoalNepal supporters raised Rs 4 Lakhs for his treatment after none sporting authorities helped him for his medical bill.

GoalNepal CEO and managing editor, Bikram Thapa again thanked all supporters for their help.

"We are proud with our valuable followers. GoalNepal is not here just to present the news. We are here to promote and develop Nepalese football with the support from all.

"We care for our players and the game", said Thapa.

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