News GoalNepal & It's Supporter Raise Rs 4 Lakhs For Bimal Limbu

GoalNepal and it's supporters have raised Rs 4 Lakhs for medical treatment of Bimal Limbu, who is suffering from heart disease.

Limbu needs to go under knife to treat his troubled heart.

Limbu approached GoalNepal for the help and it started an initiation to collect fund for him.

"We have collected Rs 4 Lakhs for Bimal. We are thankful to all GoalNepal supporters who participated in this donation drive", CEO GoalNepal, Bikram Thapa said.

"Today, we are handing Rs 2,50,000 to his family and remaining money will be given when he is admitted to the hospital", added Thapa.

Bimal Limbu said he was thankful to all supporters for their monetary support.

"I would like to thank you all for your support. I will never forget your support", he said.

His aunt, who was also present in the money hand-over program, thanked GoalNepal and its supporters.

Limbu is waiting for a date for his operation at Gangalal Hospital.

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