FULL TIME. Nepal wins first friendly match 1-0. Thanks for being with us.


Akash Budha Magar IN, Tej Tamang OUT - NEPAL


Three minutes of added time.


Substitution for Nepal: Debut for Sudip Gurung who replaces Suraj Jeu Thakuri.



Double substitution for Nepal:

Bishal Rai in for Suman Lama. Sujal Shrestha in for Anjan Bista.


SAVE! Jean-Louis with a brilliant close range save off Jagjeet's head.

Anjan Bista hit a delightful shot which rattled the crossbar yet again and the rebound fell for Jagjeet who couldn't bury it home courtesy of a brilliant save.


Ashley's header from a corner straight at the hands of Kiran.


Anjan Bista hits the woodwork. A Jagjeet Shrestha cross from a freekick from the right was headed at the near post by Anjan. His header hit the crossbar and goes out.


Substitution for Nepal: Manish Dangi replaces Bimal Gharti Magar.


Bimal Gharti Magar needs some medical attention and the play is stopped.


Tej Tamang crosses into the box but it's hot hit with much power. Collected by the goalkeeper.


Jagjeet into the action straight away. A left-footed cross looking for Bimal in the box but collected by Mauritian GK.


Substitution for Nepal: Jagjeet Shrestha makes his comeback into the team after 5 years as he replaces Sunil Bal.


A delightful diagonal ball by Anjan Bista for Sunil Bal who wastes a chance to play a ball in.


This is Bimal's 9th goal for Nepal national team. He's on course to break the national record. Not a bad way to come back into the side.


BIMAL GHARTI MAGAR SCORES. He was one on one with the keeper, through on goal and calmly finished. Assist for Anjan Bista.


Kengy Saramandif was through on goal but he couldn't control the ball and it's cleared by Nepali defence for a throw in.


Shor corner taken but misunderstanding between Sunil Bal and Tej Tamang at the corner of the pitch.


A corner for Nepal.


Fernando Jackson hits the post at the very start. A volley fell for him outside the box which he hit with power at the near post. Kiran was already beaten but he's saved by the post.


We're back underway for the second half.


HALF TIME. 0-0. Stick with us for second half action.


Good chance for Nepal. Anjan Bista misses one vs one ! What a waste.


One minute of added time.


We can see an impressive turn out despite the pandemic !


Corner kick to Nepal. Sunil takes a short kick, quick cross into the box, Devendra Tamang finds the header but above the bar.


Five minutes remaining for a break. Both teams are goal shy. Not the start that Nepal wanted.


Both teams have committed five fouls each in the match.


Adrien Francois goes through on the right. A tight angle for a shot and he shoots it straight at Kiran who catches it easily.


The corner richochets into the box and wasn't cleared for a while. Kiran collects it and is fouled during the distribution.


Fernando Jackson tries to cross after being through on the left but it's blocked by Gautam Shrestha. Corner for Mauritius.


Tej Tamang tries a shot from 25 yards out. But his shot goes high and wide of the post.


Anjan Bista plays a lofted through ball for Bimal who went ahead of the ball and couldn't control it.


Yellow card to Bravish Rasdarising for a foul on Sunil Bal. 


Bimal gets through on the right. Anjan looked to be in space on the left. He couldn't have crossed it but he goes for a shot straight in the hands of the goalkeeper.


Nepal have looked sloppy at times at the back. Adrien Francois won the ball off Devendra Tamang but couldn't thread it through for his teammate.


A long range effort from more than 30 yards out that brings out a regulation save from Kiran.


This is Abdullah Almutairi's chance to get their first win at home. 


Mauritius slowly getting forward. Nepal hasn't had that big of a scare yet.


Corner straight in the hands of Nepal no. 1 Kiran. 


Devendra Tamang. What a tackle! His own mistake to control tell for Mauritius and Devendra made a good recovery. Corner for Mauritius.


Anjan tries to beat the defender with a dribble. But the physicality different is shown as Anjan is shoved off the field.


A Suman Lama shot from a long distance goes way above the crossbar. A cleared ball fell for him almost 30 yards out.


A short corner to Suman Aryal who tried crossing it first time but couldn't whip it as much as he'd have liked.


An Anjan Bista through ball to Bimal Gharti Magar deflected off for a corner.


Bimal down on the field after a collision with the Mauritian GK. Anjan tried controlling the ball with his head which went away from him and contested by Bimal and the goalkeeper.


Nepal has really showed an attacking promise early on today. Mauritius look shaky. Their lack of match time is vividly visible.


The pitch looks poor. It's not even looking green here. Teams will struggle to move the ball forward.


Corner for Nepal. Tej Tamang made the run which was intercepted by Mauritius defence.


Sunil Bal's free kick. It looked like it deflected off the wall but it's a goal kick.


FREEKICK for Nepal early on. Sunil Bal was brought down just outside the box.

Nepal looking lively at the very start.


Peeeep! Here we go! Kick-off!

Nepal are in red. Mauritius are in all white.

Both teams are into the pitch. Anthems ringing. Loud atmosphere in Tripureshwor.

Both teams warming up. And the stadium is filling up. Only 1/3rd capacity at the Dasharath Stadium open for fans today. 

Bimal Gharti Magar has scored 8 goals for the national team. And he's back into the team after nearly two years. His last match for Nepal vs Myanmar was back in 2019.

Both XIs have been announced by the coaches.

Nepal XI: Kiran Limbu, Gautam Shrestha, Dinesh Rajbanshi, Devendra Tamang, Suman Aryal, Suman Lama, Tej Tamang, Suraj Jeu Thakuri, Anjan Bista, Sunil Bal, Bimal Gharti Magar

Mauritius XI: Kevin Jean-Louis, Jonathan Speville, Damien Ballisson, Emmanuel Foolchund, Steven Ashley Nazira,  Bhavish Rasdarising, Kengy Saramandif, Rodney Castel, Fernando Jackson, MErvin Jocelyn, J Adrien Francois, 

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the first friendly between Nepal and Mauritius from the Dasharath Stadium.

Nepal Men's Team
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
Group Stage
1 Nepal Men's Team - Mauritius Played 1 - 0 2022-01-29 Dasharath Stadium
2 Nepal Men's Team - Mauritius Played 1 - 0 2022-02-01 Dasharath Stadium
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1 Nepal Men's Team 2 2 6
2 Mauritius 2 -2 0
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Bimal Gharti Magar 1
Sujal Shrestha 1