News What Is The Impact Of Knockout Tournaments On Nepalese Football ?
No league matches have been conducted in Nepal since 2015. What has been its impact is quiet clear in front of everyone.

Almost two years completed and we still have been deprived of conducting the league tournament, which has affected Nepalese football in a degrading order.

Nepal’s latest result in the Asian Cup Qualifiers prove that the things are not going in favor of Nepalese football. Mainly, this is because of  no league football in country.

But knockout football tournaments have been conducted frequently outside the valley.

Some players like Karna Limbu, Anil Gurung and several others were developed from the tournaments outside the valley only. ‘Aaha Rara Gold Cup’, ‘Birat Gold Cup’, ‘Buddha Subba Gold Cup’, ‘Jhapa Gold Cup’ and ‘Simara Gold Cup’ are some of the knockout competitions that are conducted at a regular interval outside the valley.

Since league football hasn’t been conducted and we are relying on knockout football tournaments outside the valley, let’s take a look at how these competitions have helped the National team and the Nepalese football.

National team players have somehow found the platform to maintain or perform their best. Since there is no league, they have found another source for their income.

So even in the absence of the national league football in the country, the knock out games have created great impact on the national football side, creating and providing many more opportunities.

The clubs are organizing the tournaments to collect fund either for its academy or for football grounds and stadiums. Spectators are able to see their stars on local ground.

Analyzing the current situation, local tournaments have played great role in moving Nepalese football forward. We just want ANFA to step in and categorize the event and provide funds to manage them properly.
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