News Well Wishers Have Started Supporting Coach Kumar Thapa; ANFA Member Pankaj Nembang Provides Rs 51,000

Well wishers have started supporting coach Kumar Thapa.

Thapa, who is going to Europe for UEFA MII course, had appealed well wishers for financial support. He has received a scholarship of Euro 27,000.

ANFA central committee member Pankaj Nembang has provided Rs 51,000.

Subin Shakya and Kiran Maharjan jointly provided Rs 50,000. Nabin Pande and Dr. Ram Mainali provided Rs 50,000.

Senior Journalist Sundar Khanal supported Thapa with Rs 10,000. National team players, Heman Gurung and Man Bdr Tamang provided Rs 5,000 each.

Thapa needs to be in Europe for two years.

If you want to support, you can deposit money on his bank account.

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