News 6th Jhapa Gold Cup: APF FC Enters Final
Ramesh Samadarshi

Armed Police Force's APF FC entered the finals of the 6th Jhapa Gold Cup in Jhapa. APF entered the finals of the Jhapa Gold Cup for the first time.

The four-time Jhapa Gold Cup winner Tribhuvan Army Football Club lost the match to APF 1-0.

In the second edition, Manang Masryangdi Club had won the title, while in the remaining four editions, Army had won. Although Jhapa 11 FC has entered the finals of every edition, they have not been able to win the title. Jhapa will play the last semi-final match against Church Boys United Club tomorrow.

With the win, APF secured a prize of at least Rs 7 lakh. Army conceded an own goal in the 70th minute of the match.

Fofona's shot hit Army defender Kamal Thapa and ball kissed the net. Fofona became the player of the match and managed to get 11,000 in cash.


The final match of the tournament will be held on Falgun 28. 10 teams from Nepal including A division club are participating in the competition. The winner of the final match will get an attractive trophy with cash of Rs.13 lakh and the runner-up will get Rs.7 lakh in cash.

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