News Burglary At Manish Dangi's House !

An important member of the national football team and a young forward, Manish Dangi, has been robbed of lakhs of rupees.

According to the news published in Bizmandu, burglary happened in Dangi's house on Falgun 6.

The police have also arrested three people involved in the theft. Those arrested are Rajan Shrestha, Robin Tamang and Anup Tamang.

According to the news, Anup Tamang used to visit Manish's house from time to time. At the same time, they came to know that Maish used to keep house keys in a jar near the door, and they planned the theft.

It is said that around 45 lakh worth of cash & other valuable items were stolen from Manish's house. It has also been said that the police will carry out necessary investigations with those arrested and proceed with the process for action.

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