News Nepal Remains Constant In FIFA World Ranking

In the latest rankings released by FIFA, the highest body of world football, Nepal's position remains unchanged at 175th place. In South Asia, Nepal's position is third after India and Maldives.

Similarly, India, which is at the top of South Asia, has dropped 15 places to 117th place. India's poor performance in the recently concluded AFC Asian Cup has also affected India's ranking.

Similarly, the Maldives, which is ranked 161, is in the second position towards South Asia. Bangladesh, ranked 183rd, and Bhutan, ranked 184th, are ranked fourth and fifth respectively in South Asia.

Similarly, Pakistan at the 195th position and Sri Lanka at the 204th position are in the sixth and seventh positions respectively in South Asia.

At the top of the world rankings is the world champion Argentina. Similarly, France is in the second place and England is in the third place.

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