News 6th Edition Of Jhapa Gold Cup Winners To Get NRs 13 Lakh

The sixth edition of Jhapa Gold Cup is scheduled to be held from Falgun 19 to 28 at the Domalal Rajvanshi Stadium.

This year, the winning team of the Jhapa Gold Cup will get Rs 13 lakh in cash and the runner-up will get Rs 7 lakh in cash. Similarly, a motorcycle will be provided to the Most Valued Player. Similarly, the best goalkeeper, best defender, best midfielder, best coach and top scorer of the tournament will get 25,000 rupees. The Player of the Match of each game will get Rs 11,000 in cash.

On behalf of the organizers, 10 teams including 7 Nepali and 3 foreign teams including Jhapa 11 football club will participate in the tournament.

In the opening ceremony of the sixth edition, one of the old football players of Jhapa district will be honored with 25,000 in cash. This year also, the family of Domalal Rajwanshi, the landlord of the stadium where the games will be held, will be given a cash assistance of Rs. 25,000. This amount will be awarded on the opening day of the Gold Cup.

To promote Jhapa Gold Cup as a social and established organization and to identify it as a leading organization in the district, it has been linked with various social campaigns.

A 6-member secretariat has been formed under the leadership of General Secretary Gajendra Bahadur Paudel

Members include:

  1. Keshav Bhattarai 2. Vishal Nemwang 3. Himal Kharel 4. Bhumika Subba and 5. Chandra Timsina.
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