News Birjung United Wins Title Of 2nd Kartike Kumar Gold Cup

The 2nd Kartike Kumar Gold Cup reached its pinnacle in a riveting showdown at Bandipur, Siraha, where Birjung United claimed the championship title in spectacular fashion.

In a match filled with anticipation and fervor, Birjung United emerged victorious, securing the trophy after a closely contested battle against Bagmati 1-0.

The turning point of the game occurred when Bagmati, in an unfortunate twist of events, netted an own goal. Little did they know that this unintentional score would become the decisive moment in the championship quest.

As the final whistle blew, Birjung United rejoiced in their well-deserved victory. The champions were rewarded not only with the prestigious title but also with a substantial cash prize of 251,555. The financial reward serves as a testament to their exceptional performance and dedication on the field.

Bagmati, despite the heartbreak of the own goal, showcased commendable sportsmanship and skill, earning them the title of the tournament's runner-up. They were awarded a prize of 151,555, acknowledging their valiant efforts throughout the competition.

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