News Bhojpur: Chhinamakhu Yuwa Samaj Chhinamakhu Organizing Thrilling Open Football Tournament

The Chhinamakhu Yuwa Samaj is all set to ignite the spirit of competition with an exhilarating open football tournament that promises to be a sporting spectacle like no other.

The event, to be held at the prestigious Sri Kulung Maluwa Samudayok Khelmaidan in Temkemaiung-2, Chhinamakhu, is scheduled to kick off on October 28th.

The champions of the men's division will not only secure bragging rights but also a remarkable prize of Rs. 101,111. Second place won't go unrewarded either, with a substantial prize of Rs. 50,555 awaiting the runners-up. In the women's category, the triumphant team will receive Rs. 25,525, along with the honor of hoisting a trophy, medals, and certificates.

The women's runner-up won't be left empty-handed either, with a prize of Rs. 15,115, and their own set of coveted trophies, medals, and certificates. This tournament is much more than a display of athletic prowess; it's a celebration of unity, talent, and sportsmanship within the Chhinamakhu community.

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