News Finland: Mirmire Sporting Club Wins Title Of FC Gaule Football Tournament
The biggest and the most historical football tournament of Finland "FC Gaule Football Tournament 2023" was held yesterday (Saturday, 19th August) in Helsinki, Finland.
The winner of the tournament for 2023 is Mirmire Sporting Club.
Mirmire Sporting Club, founded in 2023 and has been able to clinch the prestigious title in the first year of its eastablishment.
Final match was between Mirmire Sporting Club vs All Star FC where MSC won the match by 1-0 with winning goal from Manoj Aryal.
Individual winners in the tournament were:
Top goal Scorer: Manoj Aryal(Mirmire)
Best Midfielder: Bichari Bhandari (All Star)
Best Defender: Raj Nepali (Mirmire)
Best Goalkeeper: Suman Aryal (FC Gurkha)
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