News Khajura Inter-School U-12 Junior Football From April 5

An inter-school U-12 football tournament will be held in Khajura in the last week of April. Players from private and community schools will participate in the competition to be held in Khajura Village Municipality-2. About 300 players will participate in the tournament organized by Khajura United FC.

According to the organizer Khajura United FC, the competition is organized with the objective of reducing drug addiction and producing talented players which is seen as a challenge in Khajura village.

DB tamang president of Khajura United FC, said that the competition is being held at the junior level with the aim of involving the youth in social work and developing the society through football. "It also helps reduce the social distortions in football," he said. Since sports play an important role in building the future by keeping people healthy, we are planning to select players by competing at the junior level. 

Vice President Malla, who is also a former football player, is currently in Japan for employment. Although abroad, he has been actively contributing to sport and social work in the Khajura region.

The junior level competition will be sponsored by Shubarashi Education Academy and Animesh Gurung from USA and Banke Bardia Friendship Society Japan, said Vice President Malla.

The aim of the competition is to provide regular training to the best players under the age of 12 by skilled coaches.

 The organizer said that free education will be arranged for the 24 selected players in the school where they are studying. Apart from this, the organizing club has stated that there is a plan to train the talented players regularly for four years by setting up a training center at the Shukra Volleyball Stadium in Gaurinagar, Rimjim Chowk.

 The tournament, sponsored by Khajura Village Municipality and Banke Bardiya Friendship Society Japan, will have technical assistance from Banke District Football Association.

The first and second place team will be awarded with cash amount Rs.25000 ,15000 respectively and the.. trophies by the united FC general secretary Deepak Rana .

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