News Three Star Club Players Fight Each Other During Match Against Far West XI

Three Star Club players fought each other during Simara gold cup quarterfinal match against Far West XI.

African player Ajayi Martins was first seen confronting with goalie Alan Neupane.

witness said Martins exchanged punch with Bishwas Shrestha that followed the scene.

Skipper Nirajan Khadka said that he tried to controll the situation.

"It is not like that was seen in pictures/video. I was trying to control Martins", said Khadka.

African defender Peter Segun, defender Bijay Dhimal and two club officials controlled the situation.

Incident happened right after match ended 1-1 in regulation time.

Stars won the math 4-2 on penalty shootout.

Yesterday (on Sunday), three Nepal internationals; Nawayug Shrestha, Ranjan Bista and Anjan Bista were sent off for their involvement in a brawl.

Here are the pics:

(Pics: Diwakar Bhandari,

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