News GoalNepal Fund Donates Nepalese Football Supporting Kit To Ladies Team In Janakpur

GoalNepal Fund has donated 20 pcs of Nepalese Football Supporting Kit to the ladies team of SM Youth Sports Club, Janakpur, Dhanusha. CEO, Bikram Thapa recently handed over the "gift" to the Club management.

" doesn't want Nepalese women football to be neglected in Nepal. Women Football in Nepal needs proper attention by the concerned authority", CEO Thapa said, "This is our small help to the ladies to motivate them to play regular football".

"Everybody knows that what our ladies has done in International Football. They have made us proud in several occasions
", Thapa said, "Let's join hands to promote ladies football in Nepal".

GoalNepal fund has received help from former Nepal International player, Basanta Thapa, former National player, Birat Thapa and Jhapa FC.

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