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Apart from the reason that we are Nepalese (the love to our Nepal National team), Do we have other reasons to say why we will be participating in World Cup one day?

We can not say that we have such and such facilities, resources, infrastructures, trainings for our players which is going to help our country participate in World Cup one day.

The bitter fact is we do not have many essential elements for a better football. We lack the proactiveness and the basics - good preparation, infrastructures, trainings, friendlies, Proper diet, football Strength and conditioning, proper management, in the country. We must feel proud of our Gorkhalis that they have provided far better output with the comparison of inputs on them. The output has just been possible with their spirit and the immense support of gorkhalis fans.

Football is the game where spirit and support of fans is must but it too requires a lot many things along with the fundamentals. Development is not possible with a single effort, person or institution, it needs combined effort from every corners.

Normally, we blame ANFA, players,coaches,system for the backwardness of Nepalese football. Blaming others- saying that somebody has done nothing or has done wrong is very easy. But it isn't not going to help Nepalese football anymore. Let's stop blaming others and be a part of Nepalese football development with our contribution to it.

So, has decided to launch " Foundation" to help Nepalese football grow. We want to spell Sccess with U. Let's join hands together to make Nepalese football competitive, entertaining and praisworthy.

We don't have executive body for this fund. If needed, we will form the executive body for the program. Those who contribute to this fund are advisors .

We will do auditing every year, signed by a reputed C/A company. The details of the campaign will be published in the website. We will provide the help in kind not in cash. officials are working for this campaign without taking any charges!

The areas of concern are:-

1. Youth Football Development
2. Women's Football Development
3. National Football Team Development
4. Diet Consultation
5. Gymnasium Consultation/Operation
6. Sponsorships of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Sports Management
7. Football Workshops/Seminars For Nepalese Football Clubs Officials
8. Coaches, Referees Training Programs
9. Provide Help To Needy Football Players

1. Youth Football Development
Youth Football Development program is the proactive program to identify talents in an early age.
In Youth football development program, we will help clubs -which have to fulfill the basic criteria of having their own practice ground- to operate U-6 , U-10, U-12 football with equal number of boys and girls so that it will provide equal opportunities to both male and female players in the future.

2. Women's Football Development
Development of Nepalese football is impossible without the development of women's football as two halves ( male and female) make a whole.

3. National Football Team Development
Youth are the future of nation. Youth football development will focus on future. At the same time, we need to focus on our present too.Our National team needs more attention as they have played with limited resources , trainings and facilities.

4. Diet Consultation
Proper diet regime is very important to football players. We will introduce diet consultation in football clubs and academies to develop the culture of appointing dietician in a club.

5.Strength And Condititioning Consultation
fitness, speed, stamina and agility is equally significant along with proper diet and skills. We will provide fitness consultation to the players through clubs.

6.Sponsorships of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Sports Management
Though football is a mutli billion business in the world, it is still a social affair for most of the Nepalese football clubs.Professionalism lacks in the clubs even after being attached to big sponsors.We will provide sponsorship of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In Sports Management to an individual every year so that the individual help bring professionalism in Nepalese Clubs. The sponsored individual is not allowed to work anywhere other than Nepalese football clubs.

7.Football Workshops/Seminars For Nepalese Football Clubs Officials
Football workshops and seminars will be organized for football club officials to develop professionalism in the clubs.

8. Coaches, Referees Training Programs

9. Provide Help To Needy Football Players

10. Construct mini football pitches and the stadium ! 

You can send your help details at [email protected].

This is it! Let's join hands together to make Nepalese football competitive, entertaining and praisworthy. Our small contribution will make a great difference.

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