News Preparation Completed For 2nd Minnesota Champions Cup; Winners To Get USD 10,000 !

16 teams are taking part in 2nd Minnesota champions cup, which is organized by Bhutanese youth sports club.

The tournament starts on June 11 in Minnesota, USA.

Organizers said that 3-day event is for Nepali and Nepali speaking Bhutanese players based in USA.

Club president Siva Humagain, who is a renown businessman and a social worker, told GoalNepal that the winners will get USD 10,000, the highest cash bounty event among Nepalese/Nepali speaking Bhutanese in USA.

Runners up team will get USD 6000.

“We are very excited and are ready to welcome the teams to Minnesota. The winners will get USD 10,000”, said president Humagain.

The tournament is sponsored by intra-national home care and firstat nursing services.

GoalNepal USA Ambassador, Mr. Jitu KAKA, who is coordinating the campaign, expects competitive matches in the event. 

GoalNepal is the official web partner of the event and will stream matches LIVE on its platform.

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