News Nepal Women's International Pooja Rana Ties A Nuptial Knot

Pooja Rana, a regular and important member of the Nepali National Women's Football Team, has tied a nuptial knot.

Pooja turned her love affair with Amrit Ghale into marriage.

Pooja, who handles the defensive line of the national football team, said that although her marriage took place some time ago, she did not officially announce it.

"Due to some reasons of our own, we did not officially inform anyone after the wedding. Except a few close ones, not many people know about my marriage.” Pooja said.

Pooja, who is currently involved with Nepal Police and is also playing professional football from the police, said that even after marriage, she will continue her football career further.

Pooja says, "Even after getting married, I am thinking of continuing my football career."

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