News GoalNepal Foundation Donates 30 Jerseys, 10 Footballs To Rajghat V.D.C Girls Team In Morang District

GoalNepal Foundation has donated 30 Jerseys and 10 footballs to Rajghat V.D.C girls team in Morang district.

Team GoalNepal travelled to Rajghat on Sunday to distribute sporting gears to the girls.

Journalist and GoalNepal CEO, Bikram Thapa handed over the gears to the girls. Araniko School and Rajghat Veterans' officials were present at the program.

GoalNepal's supporter, Rajan Shrestha sponsored the jerseys and footballs after news about girls taking jerseys on rent to play football appeared on

"GoalNepal is proud of our supporter Rajan Shrestha. We always believe that we could develop our game and motivate our players if we work together. We wanted to motivate them and we did it by going to Rajghat in a scorching heat", said CEO Thapa.

"We must support and motivate our girls to play the game. I strongly believe that Nepalese women football can go far away in international arena but the concerned authorities are not paying enough interest. This is sad situation", added Thapa.

Rajghat Veterans president Arjun Nalbo thanked Rajan Shrestha and for the support.

"What I like about GoalNepal is they are "local", said Nalbo.

"They cover news from everywhere. They are for the local people like us. We are so glad to welcome officials from GoalNepal in our village. Our girls are very happy to receive the support", added Nalbo.

Girls were so happy and promised they would work hard and compete in Coca-Cola Cup girls selection next year.

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