Goalnepal Foundation Makwanpur: Beni FC, Australia Supports Player Nimesh Moktan
Bikram Baniya Chhetri

Madhav Moktan, the father of young player Nimesh Moktan who has also played in the C Division League from Swayambhu Club, a native of Makwanpur, is being treated in the ICU at the Old Medical Hospital, Bharatpur due to a complex heart problem, and after the news was published by GoalNepal.com that he is facing financial problems, Beni FC, Australia has supported Nepali rupees one hundred and sixty thousand rupees.

Under the leadership of Makwanpur player Susan Lama, the players and officials of Beni FC contributed that amount.

Shubash Lama informed that the collected money was transferred to Nimesh's house on Thursday after understanding the health condition of Nimesh's father.

Makwanpur's veteran journalist Pratap Bista was also present at the money transfer event.

Nimesh expressed his special thanks to GoalNepal.com and Susan Lama saying, "In this sad situation, I have not been able to earn much by playing, but I have been earning a lot of helping hands."

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