News United European Gorkhali Cup Winners To Get Euro 5500

The Gorkhali Warriors are organizing an inaugural edition of the United European Gorkhali Cup on July 6-7.

The event will be played at Obroncow, Tobruku 11, Warsaw, Poland.

This event marks a monumental occasion for the Nepali community across Europe and the UK.

The tournament aims to bring together Nepali football teams and clubs from across Europe and the UK, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst the Nepali diaspora. In addition to the football matches, the event will feature a vibrant cultural program, showcasing Nepali music and dance, authentic Nepali cuisine stalls, and displays of Nepali products.

"This tournament is not just about football; it's about celebrating our Nepali heritage and strengthening our bonds as a community," stated a representative from the Gorkhali Warriors.

One of the highlights of the tournament is the unprecedented prize pool, with the winners set to receive a gold trophy, along with a substantial cash prize of Euro 5500, medals, and certificates. Similarly, the second and third runners-up will also be rewarded handsomely with cash prizes, trophies, medals, and certificates.

Furthermore, individual awards will be presented to recognize outstanding players, including the best player, high scorer, and best goalkeeper, as well as a fair play award for the team displaying exemplary sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

The United European Gorkhali Cup is also set to attract attention from scouts representing major football clubs, providing talented players with a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially secure contracts with top-tier teams.

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