News TAFC Striker Rajiv Gurung Promoted To Warrant Officer Second Class

Rajiv Gurung, a prominent forward hailing from the ranks of the departmental team, Tribhuvan Army Football Club, has ascended to the ranks of the army. This noteworthy transition has been officially confirmed by the Tribhuvan Army Football Club.

According to the military authorities, Rajiv has earned a promotion to the esteemed position of Warrant Officer Second Class.

Rajiv has maintained a consistent presence in the Army's ranks since 2071, while also making remarkable contributions to the world of football. Over the years, he has garnered numerous accolades and titles for the Army through his exceptional sporting prowess.

The Army Club has showered Rajiv with high commendation and appreciation for his unwavering dedication and service to the club. Prior to his tenure with the Army, Rajiv showcased his footballing talents while representing the NRT and the Sankata Club.

Expressing his elation following this promotion, Gurung conveyed his gratitude for the support and assistance he has received from all quarters within the army. He also articulated his newfound determination to contribute even more significantly to both his nation and his beloved team, spurred on by this elevation in his military career.

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