News Sindhupalchowk: Helambu Cup From Magh 2

Sindhupalchowk (GoalNepal) - On the occasion of Sonam Lhosar, New Rising Youth Club, Helambu-2, Sindhupalchok are going to organize the fourth Helambu Cup Village Municipality-level football tournament from 2nd to 6th of Magh.

The organizers informed that the preparations for the competition at the local playground at Helambu-2 are in the final stages. In addition, the organizers said that team registration has also been opened. The team registration fee is Rs. 10,000.

The winners of the competition, which is going to be held with the special support of Helambu Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok, will receive one lakh rupees in cash along with the title, while the runners-up will receive Rs. 50,000. Similarly, the organizers informed that awards have also been arranged for the individual categories.

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