News Nepal Police Club Clinches Title Of 14th Jitpur Simara Gold Cup

Departmental team Nepal Police Club has won the title of the 14th Jitpursimra Gold Cup Knockout Football Tournament.

In the final held on Monday, Police managed to lift the title by defeating Machindra Football Club in a tiebreaker.

Before that, both teams played a goalless draw in the scheduled time match at Simra Stadium. In the tiebreaker, Police managed to capture the title by winning 4-3 over Machindra.

Police, who became the winner, received 10 lakhs in cash along with the title, while Machindra, the runner-up, settled for 5 lakhs.

A total of 10 teams participated in the competition which started from March 24th, organized by Nava Jana Jagriti Youth Club, Jitpur Simra-2, Simra, Bara.

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