News Makwanpur: Real Star Club & Martyr Memorial Club Enter QFs
Bikram Baniya Chhetri

In Sudarshan Ghimire Smriti U-21 Hetuda Challenge Cup, Real Star Club and Shahid Smriti Club have entered the quarterfinals by winning their respective matches.

In the pre-quarterfinals on Thursday, Real Star beat Kamane Football Academy 3-2 in a tiebreaker. Before that, both teams played a 1-1 draw in the scheduled time. Real Star's goalkeeper Ayush Gole was declared the man of the match.

Shahid Smriti defeated host FC Mundial by 4 goals against zero in the second match at Pipley Campa Stadium on Thursday itself. Ayush Negi scored all four goals for Shahid Smriti. Negi was chosen as the man of the match.

The winner of the tournament organized by FC Mundial, Hetouda will receive a cash prize of Rs 1,11,111 along with the title, while the runner-up will receive a trophy, medal and certificate along with Rs 55,555.

The final match of the tournament in which 14 teams are participating will be held on Mangsir 13.

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