News Kathmandu: 6th Naikap Gold Cup Kicks Off

Clean Vision Unity Club has commenced their journey on a winning note in the 6th Naikap Gold Cup Knockout Football Tournament, a competition skillfully organized by Chandragiri Sports Academy in Chandragiri-14, Naya Naikap, Kathmandu.

In the tournament's opening fixture, hosted at the Naikap Stadium, Clean Vision exhibited an impressive performance, securing a convincing 4-0 victory over former champions, Tarakeshwar Youth Club. Sahil KC emerged as a standout performer, netting two goals, while Rajiv Lopchan and Raju Tamang contributed one goal each to the triumph.

Sahil KC's exceptional performance earned him the "Man of the Match" accolade. Tournament organizers have announced that two more exciting matches are scheduled for October 28th, adding to the competition's anticipation.

The ultimate victor of this tournament, which will run until Kartik 25, will be awarded a substantial cash prize of 500,000, along with the prestigious title.

Meanwhile, the runner-up will receive 250,000 in recognition of their achievements. Additionally, organizers have revealed that enticing prizes are in store for various departments as well, enhancing the overall competitiveness of the event.

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