News Nuwakot: Kanyasthan Youth Club Presents the 11th Bhangeri Cup Football Tournament 2080

Uniting Communities through Sports The vibrant community of Myangad-6, Puranopani, is abuzz with excitement as the Kanyasthan Youths Club prepares to host the prestigious 11th Bhangeri Cup Football Tournament 2080.

This celebrated sporting event, deeply rooted in tradition, is set to commence on 18 October, 2023, promising a thrilling showcase of football talent and community spirit.

The stakes have never been higher in this year's Bhangeri Cup. The team that emerges victorious will not only hoist the revered Bhangeri Cup but will also claim a substantial cash prize of Rs. 111,000, a trophy, medals, and certificates in recognition of their triumphant performance. For the Runner-up, accolades and rewards are equally impressive.

They will receive Rs. 55,000 in prize money, along with a trophy, medals, and certificates to commemorate their commendable journey through the tournament. The 11th Bhangeri Cup is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of excellence.

Exceptional teams that display outstanding skills, teamwork, and defense will be acknowledged with medals and certificates for the Best Team, Best Player, and Best Defense. The Kanyasthan Youths Club's commitment to fostering sportsmanship and unity within the community is unwavering.

Football enthusiasts and community members are cordially invited to partake in the excitement at the tournament, which promises not only exhilarating matches but also the forging of lasting bonds.

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