News Nepal Remains Constant In FIFA World Ranking

Nepal has remained constant in FIFA world ranking.

Nepal are constant at 175th position with 953.85 points. Nepal played two matches against higher ranked Myanmer this month.

India are in atop among South Asian countries. They are in 102nd position.

Maldives: 155

Bhutan: 184

Bangladesh: 189

Pakistan: 197

Sri Lanka: 202

Leader Argentina (unchanged)
Moves into top 10 None
Moves out of top 10 None
Matches played in total 159
Most matches played Madagascar (4 matches)
Biggest move by points Albania (up 20.08 points)
Biggest move by places Aruba, Guinea-Bissau (up 6 ranks)
Biggest drop by points Northern Ireland (down 27.97 points)
Biggest drop by places Northern Ireland (down 10 ranks)
Newly ranked teams None
Teams that are no longer ranked None
Inactive teams that are no longer ranked American Samoa, Eritrea, Samoa, Tonga

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