News Nepal Futsal Team Suffers Two Consecutive Defeats

Nepali National Futsal team has lost to Kyrgyzstan's previous league winners Forwater FC. Nepal lost 2-0 in a match played at the Medical University of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.

In the 20th minute of the match, the Kyrgyz team took the lead. Nepal, trailing by one goal in the first half, made an excellent comeback in the second half. Despite the pressure in the game in the second half, three shots of Nepal hit the post and came out. However, in the 43rd minute, the Kyrgyz team managed to add a goal on the counter. Earlier, Adil Ahmed of the Nepali team scored the goal by directing the ball from the corner to the post but the referee did not award the goal.

Forwater team coach Gafurov Ruslan said that although both the teams played well, they were lucky in today's match.
"Both teams were good and of the same standard. But in today's game, we are lucky. Nepal can be a good competitor for other teams", he said.

Similarly, Nepali team coach Gaurav Basnet said that the performance has improved in today's friendly. "It's better than the previous game. Despite some weaknesses in the first half, we managed to take a good grip in the second half. We were able to create many opportunities. We registered 13-14 shots but could not finish," 'he said. "We used only eight players in today's game with a few experiments."

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