News Stage Set for AFCU17 and AFCU20 Qualifiers Draws

Asia’s age-group national teams will embark on their quest to reach the AFC U17 Asian Cup™ 2025 and AFC U20 Asian Cup™ 2025 later this year when the Qualifiers for both kick off in October and September respectively.

Their pathways will be laid out at the official draw ceremonies on Thursday, June 13 at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the U17 event to begin at 2pm, followed by the U20 draw at 4pm.

Qualifiers for the 20th edition of the AFC U17 Asian Cup™ will take place between October 19 and 27 and feature 43 teams, who will be divided into 10 groups – seven of four each and three of five. Meanwhile, the AFC U20 Asian Cup™ Qualifiers for the 2025 iteration, to be played from September 21 to 29, will see 45 teams split into five groups of four each and five groups of five.

All 10 group winners, along with the five best-placed runners-up, will progress to the respective final tournaments. They will be joined by the hosts, who automatically qualify – Saudi Arabia are set to stage the AFC U17 Asian Cup™ 2025, while the 42nd edition of the AFC U20 Asian Cup™ will be held in China PR, with both decisions subject to ratification by the AFC Executive Committee.

Every group of both qualifying tournaments will be contested in a centralised league format, with teams to be seeded into five pots based on their final rankings from the corresponding previous edition. At the start of the draws, the teams that will serve as centralised hosts will be separately allocated to a Hosts Pot to ensure that they will be drawn into different groups.

The pot allocations for each draw, with teams arranged according to rankings, are as follows:

AFC U17 Asian Cup™ 2025 Qualifiers
Pot 1: Japan (1), Korea Republic (2), Uzbekistan (3), Islamic Republic of Iran (4), Yemen (5), Australia (6), Malaysia (9), Afghanistan (10), Tajikistan (11)
Pot 2: India (12), Indonesia (17), Bangladesh (18), Oman (19), Iraq (21)
Pot 3: Syria (22), United Arab Emirates (23), Kyrgyz Republic (25), Mongolia (28), Brunei Darussalam (30), Bahrain (31)
Pot 4: Turkmenistan (32), Palestine (33), Nepal (34), Myanmar (35), Bhutan (36), Hong Kong, China (37), Northern Mariana Islands (38), Lebanon (39), Guam (40), Philippines (41)
Pot 5: Maldives (42), DPR Korea (NA), Macau (NA)

Hosts Pot: Thailand (8; seeded 1st), China PR (13; 2nd), Vietnam (14; 2nd), Qatar (15; 2nd), Laos (16; 2nd), Jordan (20; 2nd), Kuwait (24; 3rd), Chinese Taipei (26; 3rd), Singapore, (27; 3rd), Cambodia (29; 3rd)

AFC U20 Asian Cup™ 2025 Qualifiers
Pot 1: Uzbekistan (1), Iraq (2), Japan (3), Korea Republic (4), Australia (5), Islamic Republic of Iran (7), Jordan (8)
Pot 2: Syria (13), Oman (15), Lebanon (18), Yemen (19), Mongolia (20), Bahrain (21)
Pot 3: Malaysia (23), Bangladesh (24), Palestine (25), United Arab Emirates (26), Philippines (27), India (28), Myanmar (29), Timor-Leste (30), Singapore (31)
Pot 4: Afghanistan (32), Cambodia (33), Turkmenistan (35), Bhutan (37), Hong Kong, China (38), Sri Lanka (39), Brunei Darussalam (40), Maldives (41)
Pot 5: Nepal (42), Guam (43), Northern Mariana Islands (44), DPR Korea (NA), Macau (NA)
Hosts Pot: Vietnam (9; seeded 1st), Indonesia (10-11; 1st), Tajikistan (10-11; 1st), Saudi Arabia (12; 2nd), Kyrgyz Republic (14; 2nd), Qatar (16; 2nd), Thailand (17; 2nd), Chinese Taipei (22; 3rd), Kuwait (34; 4th), Laos (36; 4th)

Each draw will commence from the Hosts Pot, followed by Pots 5 to 1 respectively; each pot will be completely emptied before moving on to the next, with teams allocated to groups in alphabetical order.

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