News APF FC Not Happy With ANFA's Decision Against Three Star Club

The APF Football Club of the Departmental Team of the Armed Police is going to the Appeal Committee of ANFA against the disciplinary action taken against the Three Star Club by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA).

After the Shahid Smarak A Division League match that took place last May, the Disciplinary Committee of ANFA decided to take action against the Three Star Club, but the APF said that the action was insufficient.

In the final and decisive match under the A Division League 2079-80, Three Star played two foreign players who had expired their visas against Jawalakhel, which caused a controversy. APF filed a complaint with the Disciplinary Committee of ANFA regarding this matter.

Then on Poush 15th, the disciplinary committee meeting of ANFA decided to take action against the two foreign players of the club, Ajayi Martins and Peter Segun, along with Three star. ANFA fined two players 50,000 each and Three Star 3 lakh for playing illegal foreign players.

But the APF said that the action and decision was insufficient. The APF demands that the match result between Jawalakhel and Three star, which is considered decisive, should be overturned. That is, according to the rules, the match won by Threestar 1-0 should be 3-0 in favor of Jawalakhel.

Such was the course of the league

In the decisive match between Three Star and Jawalakhel held at Dashrath Stadium on 28th June under the Shahid Small A Division League, the pressure was on for Three Star to win. Otherwise, there was also the fear of relegation. The result of the same match was sure to determine the future of A Division of APF.

The match was 1-0 in favor of Three Star. As a result, Three Star avoided relegation, while APF club was relegated for the first time in its history. Three star finished ninth in the league table with 32 points from 26 matches, while APF finished 12th with 30 points and fell into relegation.

After that, APF filed a complaint with ANFA saying that Three Star Club had played two illegal players whose visas had expired. After the necessary investigation, ANFA found fault with Three Star and punished the club and players, but APF is not satisfied with that action.

APF is of the position that Three Star should be punished according to international rules with a clear investigation in the match between Jawalakhel and Three Star. Also, APF demands that the result should go in favor of Jawalakhel. If that happens, APF will avoid relegation while Three Star will be relegated.

For that, APF is now going to appeal committee. Also, APF has said that if the decision from the appeal committee is not satisfactory, it will go to other bodies as well.

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