News Priti Rai, Dipa Shahi Start IWL With A Win

Two international players from Nepal, Priti Rai and Deepa Shahi, who are playing India's top women's football tournament I League, have made a pleasant debut in the league.

Kickstart FC, consisting of Preeti and Deepa, who made their debut against Hopes Football Club within the league, won the match by an impressive 3-0. Preeti and Deepa, who played as the first choice of the team, also played an important role in the team's victory.

Remember, apart from Preeti and Deepa, Geeta Rana and Anjila Tumbapo Subba are playing for Sethu FC in the I-League this season, while Rashmi Ghising and Amrita Jaisi are affiliated to Odisha.

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