News Sankhuwasabha: 7th Pangma Cup From Poush 7

Open Knockout Football Tournament will be held in the 7th Pangma from the 7th to the 13th of next Poush on the occasion of Udhauli Sakela Dhanya Purnima.

The organizers informed that the necessary preparations for the tournament to be held at the Bhagwant Stadium are in the final stages.

The winner of the competition will receive 1 lakh 51 thousand in cash along with the title, while the runner-up will receive 81 thousand. Similarly, the organizers said that the two teams that will lose in the semi-finals will be given a consolation prize of 25,000-25,000 each.

Likewise, the man of the match of each game will be awarded a trophy with cash of 1,000, while the best players will be awarded with a trophy of 5,000 each. Similarly, the organizer informed that the best player of the competition will be given a smart phone along with cash of 5,000.

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