News USA: DFW Himalayas, Baltimore Athletic Club Enter Second Round In 6th NAC Cup

DFW Himalayas and Baltimore Athletic club have entered second rounf of 6th NAC Cup in Texas, USA. 

Eight matches were played in the opening day.

Tournament coordinator, Bash Bissu told GoalNepal everything went good in the first day.

"We expect competitive matches in the second day", said Bissu.

Match results are:

UNFC Virginia 5
Dallas Tamang 0

DFW Himalaas 1
youth Star FC 1

Royal Nepal 4
Euless Roal 0

Baltimore Athletic club 1
Dallas Gurkhas 0

DFW Himalayas FC 4
Dallas Tamang 1

Youth Star Fc 3
UNFC Virginia 1

Dallas Gurkhas 1
Royal Nepal 1

Baltimore AC 8
Euless Roal 0

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