News FIFA World Cup To Be Broadcasted In Nepal, Supreme Court Ends Controversy

The dilemma relating to the FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcasting in Nepal has been put to rest. FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted in Nepal after Supreme Court decided not to go ahead with the interim order previously given.

The controversy ended after the joint bench of Supreme Court Justices Prakash Kumar Dhungana and Manoj Kumar Sharma did not continue the short-term interim order given earlier that the World Cup could not be broadcast by charging additional fees from the customers.

With this decision of the court, Media Hub Pvt Ltd, which has got the exclusive rights to broadcast the World Cup, has opened the way to broadcast the World Cup football through cable operators, DTH, OTT for a fixed fee. Media Hub has decided that Nepali customers can watch football live by paying an additional five hundred rupees.

Himalaya Premium HD have been given the rights to broadcast the global spectacle in Nepal. Any other domestic or international channels will not be able to broadcast the tournament in the Nepalese territory.

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