News Jhapa: Hosts Purbeli Red Wins Title Of Veterans Championship

The organizer Purveli Yuva Club (Red) has won the title of late Durgadevi Shrestha Smriti Veteran Football organized at Domalal Rajvanshi Stadium in Jhapa.

After defeating the competitor Purveli blue by 3-1, the host Red won the title and 1 lakh 1 thousand 111 in cash. The runner-up settled for 55 thousand 111 rupees.

Vikarna Shrestha completed the hat-trick for Purveli Rato. He scored the first goal in the 20th minute of the game. Similarly, Purveli blue's Krishna Shakya equalized by scoring in the 25th minute of the match.

Bikarna Shrestha scored in the 33rd and 51st minutes to complete the hat trick for Purveli Rato. He was also declared the best striker.

In the individual category of the game, the majority of the players of Purveli Rato remained. Bhupen Limbu became the man of the match and got 2500. Sunil Tamang was the best goalkeeper, Mohan Gurung was the best defender and Yogesh Gurung was the best coach. Ramesh Gurung was the best midfielder in the match. They got 5000 each.

Santosh Rai of Purveli Rato was declared the best player of the tournament. He got 10,000 in cash. The competition was organized in memory of the mother of Ravin Shrestha, president of Purveli Youth Club. The competition was coordinated by Tekraj Teeling.

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