News X-Warriors, Jorpati FC Enters SFs Of 13th Bagar Bhai khalak Cup International Invitational Veteran championship

In the 13th Bagar Bhai Khalak International Veteran Football Tournament organized by Bagar Bhai Khalak in Pokhara 1 Tudikhel, quarterfinal matches in 40+ category have been completed.

In the first quarter-final match in over 40 years, X Warrior defeated host Bagar Bhaikhalak 5-4 in a tiebreaker and entered the semi-finals. Taking a 1-0 lead in the regular time game, Bagar scored a goal in the extra three minutes to equalize 1-1.

In the second quarter-final match, Jorpati Kathmandu beat Hetauda Veteran 3-0 and set a trip to the semi-finals. Now Jorpati will face X Warrior in the semi-finals.

In the third quarterfinal match, Nagaswoti Veterans beat Thapa Village Veteran 3-2. In the last quarterfinal match, Thamel defeated Chabahil Veteran 5-1 to confirm the meeting with Nagaswoti.

There are three categories of games in the competition. Over 40 years age group, over 50 years age group and over 60 years age group are playing. Freedom Dholahiti defeated Kupandol Veteran 3-0 in the over 50 pre-quarterfinals held on Wednesday.

In the quarterfinal match of the same category, Sangam Veteran beat Hetauda Veteran by 4-2. Tomorrow there will be three quarter-final matches and there will also be a semi-final match for over 40. Similarly, the organizers have informed that the semi-final for over 60 years will be held today.

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