News Gorkha: 8th Gorkhali Running Cup From Falgun 6

The 8th Gorkhali Running Cup with the highest prize money of the district will be held in Gorkha from Falgun 6th.

In the organization of Harmatari Club, running cup is going to be held from 6th to 12th in Gorkha bazar.

The vice-president of the club, Anil Shrestha, informed that the winner of the running cup will receive a cup, medal and certificate along with three lakh 33 thousand 333 rupees. The runner-up will receive a medal and certificate along with one lakh 66 thousand 666 rupees.

According to the organizers, 35,000 will be awarded to the fair play team, 10,000 to the best scorer, best striker, best midfielder, best defense and 10,000 to the best goalkeeper. He said that it is estimated that 16 teams will participate in the Gorkhali Running Cup.

The last date for team registration is 30th of January. Vice President Shrestha said that the tacit ticket of the game will be released on Falgun 4. The team registration fee is fixed at 15,000. The game will be held at the Harmatari playground of the headquarters.

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