News FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: UAE Beats Bahrain At Home

The UAE, which is in Group H of Nepal, has won its second consecutive victory in the second round of the FIFA World Cup 2026 and AFC Asian Cup 2027 qualifiers.

After beating Nepal 4-0 in Dubai just last week, UAE defeated Bahrain 2-0 at home in their second match on Tuesday night. After this result, UAE is in the top position with 6 points from 2 matches.

Bahrain and Yemen with equal 3-3 points are in the second and third place respectively, while Nepal is at the bottom without any points.

Results of other games in the Asian region on Tuesday

Similarly, in the results of other groups towards the Asian region, Kuwait won 4-0 against Afghanistan in Group A. Qatar beat India 3-0 in the same group. In Group B, North Korea defeated Myanmar 6-1 to record its first victory, while Japan won its second consecutive victory, and Syria was 5-0 innocent.

While Thailand defeated Singapore 3-1 while getting their first win in Group C, South Korea won 3-0 against China while registering their second win in a row. In Group D, Malaysia beat Chinese Taipei 1-0 while Malaysia got their second win, while Kyrgyzstan also got a sensational 1-0 win over Oman.

In Group E, Hong Kong and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and Iran tied 2-2 and shared the points. In Group F, the Philippines drew 1-1 with Indonesia to share the points, while Iraq beat Vietnam 1-0 to register its second consecutive victory.

In Group G, Saudi Arabia won 2-0 over Jordan, while Tajikistan beat Pakistan 6-1. Australia beat Palestine 1-0 while Bangladesh and Lebanon drew 1-1 while winning their second consecutive win in Group I.

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