News Chyasal Club Cleans Dressing Room After Every Match !

Chyasal youth club is setting some trend in Nepalese football. It cleans dressing room after every match which is not usual in Nepalese football.

FC Reale World, a Japan based NPO, is directly working with Chyasal youth club. It has helped the club to bring some Japanese players as well.

After signing some Japanese players and some known Nepalese players, the club had expected to do well in on-going league but they couldn't achieve what they targeted.

But they are leaving some mark. They clean dressing room after every match.

"We aren't here to teach. We are here to share our experience and knowledge", said president of FC Reale World Ms Aya Miyosh Kizaki.

"We want Nepalese clubs and Nepalese players to follow all norms that are practiced internationally. We believe they can easily do it with proper guidance", she added.

Dressing room left by another club

Dressing room cleaned by CYC at Dasharath stadium

Dressing room cleaned by CYC at ANFA complex.


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