News GoalNepal Foundation Announces Support To Ananta Yuwa Club, Tanahun

GoalNepal Foundation, a CSR wing of, has announced support to Ananta yuwa club, Vyas 10 Dihiguan, Tanahun.

Ananta Yuwa club is training more than 20 players in a rough field. They don't have proper gears to train. 

The foundation is supporting youth football, women's football, referees, District FAs and the clubs with sporting gears every month.

NRN Netherlands and AFC A licensed coach Pradip Humagain have come forward to support GoalNepal.

NRN Netherlands president Manohari Sharma thanked GoalNepal for the opportunity.

Humagain said he is extremely proud with GoalNepal and its activities.

"To celebrate my birthday (September 28), I supported GoalNepal for kids at Ananta yuwa club", said Humagain.

On behalf of the club, Razu Bhujel thanked GoalNepal and its donors for the valuable support.

CEO of Biba Publications, Mr. Bikram Thapa thanked NRN Netherlands and coach Humagain for the support.

"We are taking step-by-step. GoalNepal is happy to join hands with NRN Netherlands and coach Humagain for this project.", said Thapa.

GoalNepal will provide 20 jersey sets and 10 indestructible footballs worth USD 700.

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