News FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Laos Vs Nepal - Nepal's Coach Vincenzo Alberto Annese Expresses Determination Ahead of Crucial Match

Nepal's head coach, Vincenzo Alberto Annese, has conveyed his enthusiasm and determination as his team prepares for a crucial match.

Annese acknowledged some challenges faced in the previous game against Laos, citing time-wasting and unfavorable refereeing decisions. He mentioned that these concerns had been brought to the attention of the match commissioner.

Despite these obstacles, Annese emphasized that Nepal has invested significant efforts in their preparation.

He stressed the importance of focusing on their own performance in the upcoming match, which carries great significance for both Nepal and himself.

Winning this match is pivotal for their progression, and while he acknowledged the difficulty of the task, he assured that Nepal is fully prepared to play an aggressive, attacking style of football.

While respecting Laos' style of play, Annese advocated for a positive approach in the forthcoming contest - Laos Vs Nepal second leg is set for tomorrow at 4:15 PM NST.


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