News Parsa: Bagmati Club, Sarlahi Enters Thori Gold Cup

In a thrilling display of football, Bagmati Yuwa Club has clinched a coveted spot in the semifinals of the Thori Gold Cup, surmounting Makwanpur-11 with a scoreline of 2-1.

The match was nothing short of a spectacle.

The contest commenced with a lead goal by Samuel Sunar, representing Team Makwanpur. However, a twist in the tale occurred as Roshan Dong from Makwanpur unintentionally netted an own goal, thereby leveling the playing field.

The defining moment of the match arrived when Dipesh Chamling Rai from Team Bagmati struck the winning goal, securing their passage to the semifinals.

In recognition of his exceptional performance on the pitch, the coveted "Man of the Match" title was conferred upon Raj Busal.

It's worth noting that this exhilarating championship is being masterfully organized by Prativa Yuwa Club.

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