News Manchester United Supporters Team MUFC Bijay Chowk Playing 'C' Division League Qualifiers

MUFC Bijaychowk Youth Club Kathmandu are going to play the Martyr's Memorial 'C' Division League qualifiers that started from Ashoj 6th. MUFC, formed in 2012, is a team of supporters of British football club Manchester United.

In the early days, they gathered and played with each other on Saturday, the day off during the week. Gradually, as the number of members in the club increased, the club formed and participated in various competitions.

The club, which has gained experience in various competitions, including Naikap Gold Cup and Shooters Cup, managed to reach the super eight of the 'C' Division League qualifiers last year. It also supported the locals by organizing community development, public awareness programs, health camps, cooking and feeding people affected by Covid-19, food distribution and running a free Covid isolation center.

Suresh Nepal, the manager of the club, informed that in order to continue professional football along with social service in the future, they are going to play the 'C' division league qualifiers.

According to Nepal, MUFC is going to play league football for the second time in cooperation with Bijaychowk Youth Club.

ANFA has divided the 62 participating clubs into 20 groups. The winners of each group will advance to the second round. The second stage and knockout stage are divided into three groups. The final winners of each group will qualify for the 'C' Division League.

All the games of this group will end on Karthik 24th.

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