Central 1988 Dasharath Stadium Disaster - Black Day Of Nepalese Football Marks 30 Yrs

The Kathmandu Stadium Disaster occurred on 12 March 1988 at the Dasarath Rangasala Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal during a football match between Janakpur Cigarette Factory Ltd and Liberation Army of Bangladesh for the 1988 Tribhuvan Challenge Shield.

At least 93 people were killed and 100 more were injured when fans attempted to flee from a hail storm inside the national Dasarath Rangasala Stadium.

The Kathmandu stadium disaster is the 9th biggest stadium disaster until 2006(in terms of human loss, 80 spectators died), and the worst stadium disaster in Nepal.

The disaster led to the resignation of the-then Education and Cultural Minister Keshar Bahadur Bista and ANFA president Kamal Thapa.

The Dasarath Rangasala Stadium was later renovated for 1999 South Asian Games with the help from Chinese government. It was converted into football stadium with track and field facilities. Nepal uses this stadium for most of its sporting events.

GoalNepal remembers all of those beautiful souls who died while attending a football match.

(Source: AP, Wiki)

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